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Sean McArdle is involved in all aspects of the property business - Planning, Architecture, Building and Brokerage with the focus of offering modern design to our clients. 

Professional Background:

Sean McArdle's tenure with two internationally respected development companies, Hines Interests Limited Partnership and Catellus Urban Development Corporation provided comprehensive development management, marketing, sales and leasing experience. From 1999-2004, Mr. McArdle was a Vice President on the massive Mission Bay project, a 303-acre model mixed-use redevelopment in San Francisco. This experience covered a wide range of property types including mixed-use, commercial office, life science/biotechnology, multi-family apartments/condominiums, hotels as well as vacant entitled or un-entitled land. After the tremendous success at Mission Bay, in 2006 Mr. McArdle founded McArdle Interests as a "boutique" full service real estate firm to provide high level of personal management backed up by experienced understanding of the Sales, Leasing, Marketing, Architectural Design, Development and Entitlement processes with focus on architecturally significant properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mr. McArdle's Commercial and Residential brokerage license is proudly associated with Bay Area's premier brokerage firm Pacific Union International Real Estate. Mr. McArdle's Advisory Services provide experienced brokerage and consulting in Commercial & Residential Sales, Leasing, Marketing, Architectural Design, Entitlement and Development Management in San Francisco, Marin and Wine Country.


Mr. McArdle's educational background includes Post Graduate Studies a The College of Environmental Design (CED) at the University of California, Berkeley in Architecture and Real Estate Development + Design (MRED+D) focused on cutting-edge design to prepare real estate development professionals to build sustainable, equitable, and prosperous cities. Mr. McArdle has a Masters of Building Construction in Development / Construction Management and a Bachelors of Design in Architecture from The University of Florida and Vinceza Institute of Architecture in Italy.  Mr. McArdle regularly lectures at University of California Berkeley on urban economic topics and development projects including Mission Bay in San Francisco, CA. 



Licensed Commercial & Residential Brokerage BRE:01882211
Licensed Construction & Construction Management GC:1021642
Architectural Design and Development Management
Strategic Real Estate Consulting
Property Due Diligence & Planning
Economic Analysis & Financial Structuring
Entitlements at all levels of Government
Photography & Marketing Coordination via www.M-Photography.studio


- "I want to take a minute to write to you about Sean. It’s easy to give praise when things work out but had we failed to close on our property I would still tell you that Sean is an excellent professional. He’s not just willing he’s eager to work at his job. He doesn’t balk at quantitative analysis and he doesn’t get discouraged. He brings nothing but positive energy to the table. I’ve had numerous agents who were inept negotiators. Sean was steadfast and determined and he also tried to push us when he felt it was warranted. In addition, Sean repeatedly sought ought the thoughts and opinions of others, pushing them to deliver insight and information. Again, not everyone is comfortable admitting what they don’t know but Sean was not shy about reaching out to you or anyone else who he thought might be able to help us. We knew you were there as a resource and very much appreciate the critical role you played in helping our project.   Finally, with respect to Sean, he is a man of very high integrity who genuinely loves the property market. I would recommend him as a partner in a development deal to anyone. He brings a great deal to the table." - S.A. Project: www.2555Union.com

- Sean is an absolute standout. As our agent, he really understood what we were after, and did not pressure us to any old deal, but made sure we got a fantastic outcome that was right for us. In the moving landscape of human emotion, financial and practical considerations that comprise real estate, Sean combines art, skill and understanding of human nature in such perfect measure - I sometimes thought he had a secret PHD in psychology, not just his formal training in architecture and property development! Sean also knows the areas he works in backwards, and is a skilled developer, so he is immensely knowledgable, and does not oversell, but works towards best outcome for all. - L.C.


Current Listing:

41 San Carlos Avenue, Sausalito $6,985,000 | Modern Residential Design with Unmatched Location and Views of San Francisco www.SanCarlosAve.com 


Example Listing Presentation:

2555 Union Street, San Francisco 9,750,000 | Contemporary Residential Masterpiece www.2555Union.com


Commercial & Residential Expertise:

2555 Union Street, SF Residential 9,750,000 | Contemporary Cow Hollow Masterpiece www.2555Union.com
275 Brannan, SF Commercial: Represented Seller 12,250,000 | Commercial Redevelopment
41 Federal Street, SF 10,000,000 | Development & Sales of 9 Residential & 2 Commercial Condominiums
290 King Street, SF: 8,000,000 | Development & Sales of 5 Commercial Condominiums
599 Bridgeway, Sausalito Commercial 5,250,000 | Represented Seller
54 Lower Crescent Ave, Sausalito: Represented Seller 4,750,000 | Contemporary View Estate
253-241 Glen, Sausalito: Represented Seller 3,900,000 | Private 2-Parcel View Estate
41 San Carlos, Sausalito: Represented Buyer 2,790,000 | Facilitated Extensive Remodel
501-503 Bridgeway, Sausalito: Represented Seller 2,750,000 | High Price Multifamily Sale in 2017/2018
32 Lower Crescent, Sausalito: Represented Seller 2,750,000 | Facilitated Partial Remodel
4 Lower Crescent, Sausalito: Represented Seller 2,675,000 | New Contemporary Construction
51 George Lane, Sausalito: Represented Buyer 2,435,000 | Structured Lease to Own
101 Toyon Lane, Sausalito: Represented Buyer 1,825,000 | Facilitated Sale & Remodel
147 Cervantes, San Francisco: Represented Buyer 1,810,000 | Marina Condominium
2437 Baker Street, SF | Represented Buyer 1,790,000 | Cow Hollow Condominium
28 Bulkley Ave, Sausalito: Represented Seller 1,380,000 | High priced TIC in 2016
3630 Paradise Drive, Tiburon: Represented Seller 1,342,000 | Entitled Property
41 Main Street, Tiburon: Represented Seller 1,264,000 | Commercial Waterfront Retail Condo